Sections are blocks that can contain other blocks. They can be styled, have background images and allow for creating complex layouts based on flexbox. And they can be nested! 👏 


Using sections, you can create beautiful and complex layouts. They can contain any kind of block and even other sections.

First column, one row.

Second column, first row ...

... and a second row.

Third column, first row ...

... a second ...

... and a third row.

You are in full control over flex properties such as the minimum block width, the gap size and the alignment of items. 

This section has ...

... no vertical ...

... and ...

... horizontal gaps.


Cards are basically not more than styled sections. They are a bunch of blocks combined in one section that maybe has a border, a shadow, padding and even rounded corners.

Super card
with a slideshow

Cards can contain any kind of content. You can also stretch images or slideshow over the entire card width.


Card with a
background image

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